How to Poach Chicken Breasts

Poach chicken? Like an egg? Oh sure. Welcome to my insanely simple however superb instructional on how to poach chicken breasts.

You might be pondering: why would I ever want to poach chicken if I can bake or grill it? While I do love just right grilled or baked chicken, poached chicken is in truth a shockingly simple method to prepare dinner chicken temporarily and use it for shredding or cubing up in different recipes. If you’ve made any of my chicken soup recipes, you’ll notice that you if truth be told prepare dinner the chicken right within the pot with the broth — this is that very same means and it’s SO EASY, plus it is helping the chicken stay juicy.

If I’m in a pinch I’ll use this system for poaching chicken breasts, shredding them, and then throwing it in salads, soups, enchiladas and extra! Trust me after I say you’re going to love this new method to prepare dinner chicken and the unending doors it opens.

chicken soup in a pot

Everything you’ll need to poach chicken breasts

I like temporarily poaching chicken to use in numerous recipes as it creates the easiest, blank canvas that can tackle any taste. Here are the basic substances you’ll need:

Go organic (if imaginable)

If it’s available, I like to recommend the use of biological chicken breasts every time possible, especially whilst poaching your chicken breast. They have a tendency to be much juicier and less “tough,” than non-organic chicken breasts, so when you’re the usage of the chicken as a blank canvas to upload to recipes it makes a big difference.

two chicken breasts on a cutting board

Poaching chicken breasts 101

You may have most effective heard of poaching eggs, so what does the method even mean? Poaching is a technique the place you submerge a food (repeatedly, eggs) in a liquid and prepare dinner it at a low temperature. It’s no longer the same as boiling, which, as you most likely guessed, method the food is cooked faster at the next temperature.

Poaching chicken low and sluggish helps it retain its juiciness and prevents it from getting difficult.

The #1 software for cooking easiest chicken breasts

If you don’t but have a meat thermometer, it’s time to get one! I highly suggest having a meat thermometer in an effort to check the doneness of your chicken with no need to reduce into it and lose the juiciness. This is very important when poaching because with this method it’s easy to over or undercook your chicken breast. Here is a brilliant one that I exploit at all times.

two chicken breasts in a pot

How to poach chicken breasts in Five simple steps

With a couple of tips & tips you’ll have juicy poached chicken breast that you'll use in tons of recipes:

Step 1: prep your pot. You’ll merely upload your chicken breasts to a big pot and pour over enough chilly water or broth to cover the chicken. If you've got two huge chicken breasts, 4 cups should be enough (but add extra as vital).

pouring water over chicken breasts in a pot to begin poaching

Step 2: season the water. Instead of including oil & seasoning to the chicken directly (like in baking & grilling) when poaching you’ll want to season the chilly water that it's going to cook in. Feel loose to upload chopped onion and garlic cloves when you’d like further flavor.

adding salt to poached chicken breasts in a pot

Step 3: poach it low & sluggish. Turn the range to medium warmth to carry the water to a slight boil. Reduce the heat to low, quilt the pot and let the chicken simmer for approximately 20 minutes. Cooking it slowly is what's going to assist it get great and juicy instead of overcooked and hard.

poaching chicken breasts in a pot

Step 4: test for doneness. After 20 minutes test your chicken breast with a meat thermometer to ensure that it has reached a hundred sixty five degrees F. Turn it off the heat.

removing a poached chicken breast from a pot of water

Step 5: let it rest. Just like in each way for cooking chicken breast, let the poached chicken leisure in the water for 5-10 mins more in order that it retains its moisture.

shredding poached chicken breasts with two forks

Recommended tools for poaching chicken breasts

Get all of our go-to kitchen essentials here!

Freezing & storing poached chicken breast

After you’ve successfully poached your chicken breast, you can either use the chicken straight away or store it for later:

two low carb pesto chicken stuffed zucchini boats on a plate

Delicious ways to use poached chicken

The very best phase about poaching chicken breast is that it’s tremendous easy to shred and add to your fav recipes. Here are some nice ones to upload it to:

Get all of our scrumptious chicken recipes here!

Don’t fail to remember those methods for cooking very best chicken

I'm hoping you like this simple instructional on how to poach the easiest chicken breast! If you check it out be certain that to go away a remark and tell us how you used your perfectly cooked chicken. Enjoy, xo!

How to Poach Chicken Breast

Prep Time 5 minutes

Cook Time 25 mins

Total Time 30 minutes

The absolute best approach to poach chicken breast in order that it is juicy and perfectly cooked each and every time! In this straightforward instructional, you'll be able to be informed exactly how to poach chicken breasts in just 5 simple steps. Use poached chicken in your favourite recipes after shredding or cubing it.

  • 1 pound boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 4 cups chilly water or chicken broth (plus more as-needed)
  • Salt
  • Optional: fresh garlic cloves and chopped onion
  1. Add your chicken breast to a large pot and pour over sufficient chilly water or broth to duvet the chicken. If you have two huge chicken breasts, four cups should be enough (however upload extra as-needed).

  2. Heavily season the chilly water with salt, and be happy to add chopped onion and garlic cloves in the event you’d like further flavor.

  3. Turn the range to medium heat to convey the water to a slight boil. Reduce the heat to low, duvet the pot and let the chicken simmer for about 20 mins.

  4. After 20 mins check your chicken breast with a meat thermometer to ensure that it has reached 165 degrees F. Turn it off the heat.

  5. Let the poached chicken relaxation in the water for a few mins extra in order that it retains its moisture, then remove it and feel free to use it to your favorite recipes. Perfect for shredding!

To store: let the chicken breast cool utterly and switch it entire, shredded or cubed to an hermetic container. Place the container within the refrigerator and use the chicken inside of 4-5 days.

To freeze: repeat the steps above but as a substitute place your chicken in the freezer. Cooked chicken breast will keep excellent within the freezer for roughly Three months. When you’re able to use it, merely thaw it in the fridge and enjoy it cold with salad recipes or warmth it up in the microwave for decent recipes.

Method by way of: Monique Volz // Ambitious Kitchen | Photography through: Eat Love Eats

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