How to Cook Perfect Chicken Breast (4 methods!)

Welcome to without equal information to cooking perfect chicken breast! Chicken can be an intimidating protein to cook as it’s really easy to underneath or overcook, but with my 4 strategies for cooking the perfect chicken breast, you’ll be a professional very quickly.

In this guide you’ll learn how to:

With every of those strategies, you’ll end up with juicy and delicious chicken breasts every time. Use these methods to cook chicken and upload them to your favorite recipes like salads, grain bowls, tacos and more!

baked chicken breast on a plate with vegetables

Let’s communicate components

In this information we’ll walk thru 4 elementary strategies for cooking chicken breasts. There are tons of ways to season & marinade chicken that you simply’ll find hyperlinks to inside of this post, however for ease here’s what you’ll want to cook very fundamental chicken breasts:

The #1 instrument for cooking perfect chicken breasts

If you don’t but have a meat thermometer, it’s time to get one! I highly counsel having a meat thermometer with the intention to take a look at the doneness of your chicken without having to minimize into it and lose the juiciness. Here is a great one who I exploit always.

adding a lid to a slow cooker with two chicken breasts

Go biological (if imaginable)

If it’s out there, I like to recommend using biological chicken breasts on every occasion conceivable. They generally tend to be a lot juicier and no more “tricky,” than non-organic chicken breasts, so while you’re the use of the chicken as a blank canvas to add to recipes it makes a large distinction.

Have fun with marinades & seasonings

As I mentioned, this information to cooking chicken breast gives you perfectly cooked chicken that acts as a blank canvas you'll use in any recipes you’d like. I have tons of seasonings and marinades to try with those methods, too! Get them in these tutorials & recipes:

Get all of our chicken marinades here.

adding chicken breasts to a baking sheet

Four tactics to cook perfect chicken breast each and every time

Alright, let’s get to it! Check out the most efficient 4 methods for cooking chicken breasts, plus recipes and extra:

  1. How to Bake Chicken Breast
  2. How to Poach Chicken Breast
  3. How to Slow Cook Chicken Breast
  4. How to Grill Chicken Breast

two grilled chicken breasts on a grill

Use cooked chicken breast in these delicious recipes

Now that you just’ve discovered exactly how to bake, grill, poach and slow cook chicken breasts so that they’re perfectly juicy, be at liberty to use the chicken in some of our favorite recipes below:

Get all of our scrumptious chicken recipes here!

poaching two chicken breasts in a pot

Recommended tools for cooking chicken

Get all of our favourite kitchen essentials here!

blonde woman grilling chicken breast

Freezing & storing cooked chicken breast

After you’ve used any of the above strategies for cooking chicken breast, you'll both use the chicken straight away or store it for later:

I hope you're keen on these easy strategies for cooking the perfect chicken breast! If you check out any of them, ensure that to depart a remark on the educational and let me know how it went. Enjoy, xo!

How to Cook Perfect Chicken Breast (4 methods!)

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Learn precisely how to cook the perfect chicken breast four other ways! In this step by step instructional for cooking chicken breast you’ll perfect baking, grilling, poaching and sluggish cooking so to use chicken to your favourite recipes. Marinade and recipe concepts included!

To store: let the chicken breast cool utterly and switch it whole, shredded or cubed to an hermetic container. Place the container within the fridge and use the chicken within 4-Five days.

To freeze: repeat the stairs above however as an alternative position your chicken in the freezer. Cooked chicken breast will keep excellent within the freezer for about Three months. When you’re ready to use it, simply thaw it in the refrigerator and revel in it cold with salad recipes or heat it up within the microwave for warm recipes.

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