Healthy Peanut Butter Twix Bars (vegan & gluten free)

I wasn’t the most productive eater as a child. After faculty I’d typically head to the vending gadget and pick zebra cakes or a chocolate sweet bar to chow down on till my stomach felt not so nice.

My sweet of selection? PEANUT BUTTER TWIX BARS.

They have been my weak point. I couldn’t resist the chocolate coating, crunchy shortbread crust and of course, that deliciously sweet peanut butter center. Anyone else?

healthy peanut butter twix bars in a stack

Now that I’m an grownup, I infrequently in finding myself buying sweet bars. Probably because I’ve realized greater eating habits and don’t crave the candies of my formative years, but in addition as a result of I like to bake at home and create my own better-for-you variations.

For instance, consider my salted tahini caramel millionaire bars? Or how about those fabulous better for you peanut butter cups? SO GOOD.

Today’s recipe is all about my real love for peanut butter twix bars. The recipe is primarily based off of my millionaire bars that you all fell in love with, but as a substitute of a tahini caramel middle, there’s a peanut butter filling that’s nice, thick and perfectly sweet. Oh and naturally, I will’t fail to mention that these are both vegan and gluten unfastened too! Can I am getting a yum?

peanut butter filling for twix bars in a pot

Homemade peanut butter twix bars components

Just like vintage twix bars, this healthy, selfmade version has 3 delicious layers: a shortbread layer, a peanut butter layer and a chocolate layer. You’ll want only 5 fundamental main substances:

  1. blanched almond flour
  2. pure maple syrup
  3. all herbal peanut butter (just peanuts & salt). I love this brand and this brand.
  4. coconut oil
  5. chocolate chips (i find irresistible to do dark chocolate chips!)

melted chocolate being poured on top of peanut butter layer for twix bars

How to make healthy peanut butter twix bars

  1. First, you’ll make your shortbread cookie base by means of blending the almond flour with coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla and salt. Press this into an 8×8 inch square pan and bake for 10 minutes.
  2. Once your shortbread base is done baking, make your peanut butter layer by blending peanut butter, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla and salt in a pot over medium low heat for roughly 2 minutes.
  3. Pour your peanut butter layer on top of the cooled shortbread cookie layer, and then place it in the refrigerator to solidify for about Half-hour.
  4. When you’re about ready to take the shortbread + peanut butter layers out of the fridge, soften your chocolate chips with coconut oil in a microwave secure dish. Pour the chocolate over the peanut butter and tilt the pan to ensure it’s flippantly covered. Place it again within the fridge for 20 minutes until the chocolate has hardened.
  5. Finally, lower into 16 bars and experience!

healthy twix bars laid out on a surface

How to retailer healthy twix bars

These healthy peanut butter twix bars will have to be saved lined in the refrigerator until you’re able to serve them. They will stay good for your fridge for about 1 week, but you can additionally stay them in a freezer-safe container for your freezer for as much as 1 month.

If you do stay them on your freezer, you'll want to leave them out at the counter for a few mins earlier than serving in order that they melt up a bit.

homemade healthy twix bars laid out on a surface

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three healthy homemade twix bars stacked on top of eachother

I hope you love those home made, healthy peanut butter twix bars! If you make them be sure you go away a comment and a score so I know the way you really liked them. Enjoy, xo! 

Healthy Peanut Butter Twix Bars (vegan & gluten loose)

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Prep Time 30 mins

Cook Time 15 minutes

Total Time 45 minutes

Incredible, healthy peanut butter twix bars made with better-for-you elements like several herbal peanut butter, almond flour, natural maple syrup, and chocolate. They're perfectly sweet with 3 scrumptious layers for a homemade take in your favorite sweet bar!

  • For the shortbread base:
  • 1 ½ cups packed advantageous blanched almond flour (I take advantage of Bob’s Red Mill)
  • 3 tablespoons melted and cooled coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons natural maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • For the peanut butter layer:
  • cup drippy natural peanut butter (crunchy or creamy works)
  • 1/3 cup natural maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • For the chocolate layer:
  • 3/4 cup chocolate chips, dairy loose if desired
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  1. Preheat oven to 350 levels F. Line an 8x8 inch sq. pan with parchment paper. It’s vital to use an 8x8 inch as a 9x9 inch pan may be too giant.

  2. In a medium bowl add the almond flour, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla extract and salt. Mix along with a fork until it forms a pleasing thick crumb texture. Add to pan and use your palms to calmly press down into the pan. Bake for 10 minutes. Allow crust to chill for 10 minutes sooner than including caramel.

  3. Next make the peanut butter caramel layer: Add the peanut butter, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla extract and sea salt to a medium pot and place over medium-low heat for approximately 2 mins till caramel starts to relatively bubble, stirring continuously. Pour over quite cooled crust. 

  4. Place in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes-1 hour to totally harden the peanut butter. It shouldn't take longer than this, however in case you are impatient, just place in freezer for 15-20 minutes, this will have to accelerate the process.

  5. After 30 minutes or so, make the chocolate layer: Add chocolate chips and coconut oil to a microwave secure bowl and microwave on high in 30 2nd increments, stirring in between until chocolate is completely melted. If you like, you'll additionally melt the chocolate and coconut oil in small saucepan over low heat.

  6. Pour over the caramel layer and tilt pan side-to-side to frivolously distribute the melted chocolate. Place in fridge for at least 20 minutes till chocolate is totally hardened and bars are cooled.

  7. Remove bars from pan and lower into 16 bars (that resemble twix bars). To do that, lower whole pan of bars in half, and then lower every part into 8 (1-inch) bars (now not squares!), so you’ll finally end up with 16 bars. Enjoy! Bars must be saved covered within the refrigerator until in a position to serve.

These healthy peanut butter twix bars should be kept lined within the refrigerator until you're ready to serve them. They will stay good to your fridge for approximately 1 week, however you'll be able to also keep them in a freezer-safe container on your freezer for up to 1 month.


Servings: 16 bars

Serving dimension: 1 bar

Calories: 255kcal

Fat: 20.4g

Saturated fats: 8.8g

Carbohydrates: 16.9g

Fiber: 2.1g

Sugar: 12.9g

Protein: 4.9g

Recipe via: Monique Volz // Ambitious Kitchen | Photography by means of: Eat Love Eats

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