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The Red Button list will now be available as paperbacks!

When we started Red Button back in 2012, our aim was to help bring new writers, perhaps overlooked by mainstream publishers, to their audience. The changes that digital had brought about in our industry allowed us to do that with a relatively small financial investment and a lot of time, enthusiasm and energy. Now, two years down the line, we have four books that we are immensely proud to have on our list and we want them to be discovered and read by even more people.

Paperback photo


So it is with great delight that we announce that, during 2015, Red Button will begin publishing print editions. The first two titles, Home by Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone and The Anchoress by Paul Blaney, will be available in paperback from 9 April. You will be able to order copies from all good book retailers including Amazon, Waterstones and independent bookshops.

We would like to thank all our readers so far for their support and we hope that we can continue to supply you with fantastic fiction.

Karen and Caroline 

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One comment on “The Red Button list will now be available as paperbacks!

  1. Paul Blaney
    April 7, 2015

    Hurray and Hurrah!

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