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We’ve got your perfect Summer read and it’s only £0.99!

Oh you lucky people, we have something very special for you. For a limited time only, Paul Blaney’s beautiful novella The Anchoress will be available at a reduced price of just £0.99 on Amazon UK Kindle and Kobo UK.

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Click the banner above for links to buy The Anchoress

The Anchoress is the intriguing tale of Maggie, who locks herself inside her closet and refuses to come out – we all probably feel like doing that sometimes. While she’s hidden in her little retreat, various people visit Maggie. There’s her nosy neighbour, Norman, who worries that her actions might lower house prices, a police officer who offers home security advice and something a little more spiritual, and Pizza Guy, who shoots the breeze with Maggie and keeps her nourished with a regular supply of thin-crusts with anchovies. As Maggie opens up to Pizza Guy, her reasons for hiding away become clear. What will it take for Maggie to face the world again?

A touching, comical and beautifully poignant book about memory, childhood and what you discover about yourself when you shut away the world, The Anchoress is the perfect holiday read.

Enjoy and please spread the word!

Caroline & Karen



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