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NOMINATE The Human Script by Johnny Rich for the GUARDIAN FIRST BOOK AWARD 2013

We wrote earlier this year about our frustration at the lack of interest shown in independent digital fiction from the major Literary Prizes. But one prize that has invited nominations from readers for the last few years is The Guardian First Book Award and we’re delighted to read that this year they are “particularly keen to hear about smaller and newer publishers, about authors from outside the mainstream, about new voices who find it hard to be heard among the 150,000 titles published in the UK every year.”

Regular readers of our blog will know the story behind The Human Script. Written over a decade ago and highly praised by figures such as Tom McCarthy, Andrew Motion, WG Sebald and Malcolm Bradbury, the book failed to find the right home and thus languished under the author’s bed for many years. Now it’s available in digital formats through Red Button and is reaching readers and getting some fantastic reviews.

So, dear readers if you have read and enjoyed the debut novel The Human Script by Johnny Rich we’d be most grateful if you would consider nominating the book for the coveted tenth slot on the list. You can nominate the book by posting a brief review clearly marked “NOMINATE” in the comments section of the Guardian article about the prize  before 14th July 2013. Please feel free to post a link to The Human Script page on our website.

Karen and Caroline

Human Script Guardian First Book_edited-1


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