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Red Button’s first publication!


We’re very excited to announce that Red Button will publish our first book this spring. The Human Script is the first novel by Johnny Rich.

The Human Script was originally completed by the author as part of the prestigious Creative Writing  master’s programme at UEA. But it was passed over by traditional publishers at the time and the manuscript has been languishing under the authorʼs bed for more than a decade. Red Button are proud to make the book available at last in digital format.

This powerful work of literary fiction encompasses genetics, philosophy, literary theory and religion in a poignant love story that asks the question: what does it mean to be human?

‘Look up. He’s looking down. Leo is looking down. Leo is looking down and his eyes and skin and hair like dark melted chocolate and he’s saying to me, “Hello.” He is saying hello and I am looking up and rocking back and now he’s saying, even though his amber voice is far away, “You must be the hero. The good twin, right?”‘

See our website for more details of The Human Script and read the first chapter for yourself.

You can follow The Human Script on Facebook and on Twitter.


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