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Inspiration from the FutureBook Conference

We followed the Tweets coming out of The Bookseller’s FutureBook conference in London with intense interest yesterday. From both within the conference walls and beyond, the response shows that the way we read and publish is changing. What we’ve seen is people excited about the opportunities digital publishing offers and that mirrors how we feel at Red Button. Here are a selection of our favourite quotes from the conference:

Michael Kowalski (content provider and founder of indie publisher Pulp Books) @micycle

If change to publishing has barely started, then key skill is living with unpredictable change #likeastartup

Helen Leech (Librarian with an interest in all things online) @helenleech

Over 25% of Harlequin respondents read over 5 ebooks per month.

Charles Catton (Publishing Manager of Amber Books) @crgc

Ebooks are the paperbacks of modern publishing.

Rushda Khan (Digital Project Manager at Cambridge University Press) @Rushda

‘Let’s reimagine the book’. Sure, but let’s go back to basics and talk about what a book IS. When does a book stop being a book?

Jason Mitchell @jmitchellSSO

Surely not every reader wants enhanced ebooks. Though great for some titles, it is a distraction. Some readers read to read.

Porter Anderson (Journalist) @Porter_Anderson

quoting @MTamblyn (Michael Tamblyn of Kobo): ‘Most valuable thing we can do as a retailer is put a reader together with an author they’ve never heard of.’

Really Blue Books (Australia-based digital publisher) @ReallyBlueBooks

Why should we do things from the inside, when we can do it from the outside? The landscape has changed and favours the young and bold.

If you are interested in digital publishing, we heartily recommend following FutureBook on Twitter. And don’t forget to follow us @RedButtonPubs for some exciting news on our first digital publications, coming soon!


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