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“The genie is out of the bottle”, Robert McCrum on e-publishing

We loved this piece in this weekend’s Guardian newspaper from literary guru Robert McCrum.

McCrum has had a long and distinguished career in journalism and has seen his own industry rocked by digital publishing. As literary editor of the Observer and a writer himself, McCrum has also seen at first hand how the digital revolution has transformed book publishing. As is the case for many people who have dedicated their lives to books, the digital revolution has been unsettling and he admits that his early commentary was pessimistic. But as the landscape of publishing changes, McCrum’s vision is both heartening and thrilling:

“This golden age of reading – a greater consumption of the written word in more formats, from tweets to de luxe hardbacks, than ever before – must yield a dividend: the transformation of the republic of letters.”

This is a vision we share, and it’s why we set up Red Button Publishing. We see the changes that have revolutionised our industry over the last decade as opportunities and as possibilities for new writers and readers alike. Digital has made the art of publishing the written world faster, more flexible, more agile and more diverse than it has ever been. And as Robert McCrum so excellently sums up, what we have now is “a new world and a brave one”.


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