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Inspired by the Man Booker Prize

It’s hard not to get excited by the Man Booker Prize. The glamour, the glitz, the sheer glory of the event is different to any other literary prize. And this year has been really special. Not only has the prize been awarded to the brilliant “Bring Up the Bodies” by Hilary Mantel, but three of the shortlisted titles have come from small, independent publishers: “The Lighthouse” by Alison Moore from Norfolk based Salt Publishing; “Swimming Home” by Deborah Levy from And Other Stories in High Wycombe; and “The Garden of Evening Mists” by Tan TwanEng and Newcastle’s Myrmidon.

After many decades of consolidation, the publishing industry was starting to look like it would become a world dominated by a handful of names, so the rise of the indies is definitely something to get excited about. More publishers means more ideas, more innovation, more daring, more choice and ultimately a better and more interesting literary landscape.

Here at Red Button, we firmly believe that digital formats are crucial to this creative drive. Digital allows publishers to take more risks and experiment with new writers and styles. Writers who perhaps would not have been given a platform to publish before, are now presented with opportunities to reach their audience. This can only be a good thing for readers and for our literary future.

Congratulations to all the shortlisted authors and their publishing teams. But particular congratulations to those inspiring independents who have shown us the way.


One comment on “Inspired by the Man Booker Prize

  1. riedstrap
    October 17, 2012

    So wonderful to see small independants having such success. Wonderful to know that the smaller more nurturing approach really has fantastic results.

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