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The Battle of the E-readers

The Battle of the E-readers

More devices are being thrown into the battle for the e-reader market as we head into autumn. Hot on the heels of the announcement last week that the Nook would launch to a UK market this October, Kobo have now announced three new products to their arsenal. Launching this autumn, they have the Kobo Arc, a tablet running on the Android platform; Kobo Glo, a frontlit, touch-screen device which seems to be the closest riposte to the Nook itself; and Kobo Mini, a tiny device with a 5 inch screen and a low price.

Kobo Glo

Kobo’s market strategy has been to partner with key retailers in markets, focusing on branching out into as many International markets as possible. This strategy has met with success in Japan, the home of Kobo’s parent company Rakuten Inc, where they have already struck the first blow against their main competitor, Amazon.

Today, Amazon is expected to announce a new Kindle Fire, again an Android-based tablet which has to date been available only in the US and an update to their e-reader device, the Kindle.

Amazon is hugely successful, but a lot of their success relies on products which are now becoming digitalised: CDs, DVDs and  increasingly, books. A tablet to channel these new digital products is crucial to Amazon’s survival as a supplier and Amazon’s strategy seems to have been to price devices as low as possible and get them into as many hands as possible. It’s a strategy that has proved to be incredibly successful to date.

This marks an exciting and challenging time for digital publishing. The market for ebooks is growing fast and so are the opportunities for new and exciting literature.

by Caroline Goldsmith 6/9/2012


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