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Mockstars by Christopher Russell

Publication date: 3 September 2015

Format: Paperback

Price: £8.99

ISBN: 978-0-9576116-7-2

Trim size: 210 x 130mm

Extent: 290pp

Also available as an ebook

e-ISBN: 978-0-9576116-3-4

Price: £2.99


‘Very funny … Induced three inner chuckles and one belly laugh in just over four minutes’ Kevin Sampson, author of Powder

‘Finally, a rock n’ roll novel that people can properly relate to’ Ciaran Jeremiah, The Feeling

‘Hilarious – it’s The Inbetweeners meets Spinal Tap!’ Alex Marsh, author of Sex & Bowls & Rock and Roll

‘Back in the nineties, when everybody else was at illegal raves taking ecstasy, what were you boys doing?’

I look at George. He shrugs.

Jigsaws,’ I reply.

Chris and George are best friends, and they want to be rockstars. Unfortunately, a childhood spent playing in the school orchestra and listening to Jimmy Nail has left them a little fluffy round the edges. At the age of 23 they’re still living with their parents and it’s becoming clear that their acoustic duo Satellite doesn’t resemble Bon Jovi nearly as much as they’d planned.

So how do two ordinary boys from the Home Counties go about taking on the cut-throat world of rock ʼn’ roll?

They’re just going to have to fake it.

True to life, funny and moving, Mockstars is a coming-of-age story about friendship and chasing the rock ʼn’ roll dream, inspired by the real-life tour diaries of the author’s band The Lightyears. An uplifting comedy with its own accompanying soundtrack, Mockstars is a refreshingly different debut.

Chris Russell author pic

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christopher Russell is a writer and musician based in London. Since forming The Lightyears in his teens he has toured the world, playing everywhere from Wembley Stadium to Glastonbury Festival. He has worked as a music reviewer and features writer, and is currently writer-in-residence for Byte the Book. He also has a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do, and isn’t afraid to use it. Mockstars is his first novel. His first Young Adult novel Songs About Girl will be published by Hodder Childrens in Summer 2016.

Read an interview with Christopher here



Chapter One

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You can follow Christopher on Twitter @chrisrusselluk

And find out more about the novel at the Mockstars website

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